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Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy these images.

It will be immediately obvious that my background in marine biology, and passion for the oceans and marine life in general, has been a central theme guiding my photography. But you will also see here my interest in others areas, in particular photojournalism. I love telling a story with my pictures.

Please browse at your leisure, and contact me if you are interested in any prints, or if you have any photographic project in mind that I could assist with.

Evening stretch

Cape gannets Morus capensis on Malgas island. This image was awarded first place in the 2013 Oceans of Life Photographic Competition.


Iceberg splash

Sometimes, one just has to rely on luck. While I was photographing this iceberg landscape, a piece of ice broke off somewhere underwater, and popped up to the surface just as I pressed the shutter! A magical moment!

Arctic 2014

Meeting the baby

Spending time with the troop on the mountain above Glencairn, this fleeting moment was gone in an instant.


Mind the tail- False killer whale stranding, 2009

A group of helpers try to guide a false killer whale, one of a mass-stranding at Kommetjie, back into the deep.


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