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Some different views ...

Fishing floats

The colours, textures and patterns of these fishing floats on a lobster boat in Kalk Bay harbor provide an appealing combination.

Rock lobster up close

During a research and tagging expedition, I tried a few close-ups. This image was enhanced to provide a different perpective.

Tern flight fantasy

While walking on the beach at Stil Bay I was able to capture this group of terns taking off, using panning as well, to enhance the sense of movement.

Terns at Boulders

Kayak paddling near Boulders beach startled a group of terns resting offshore. Slow shutter speed used.

Terns on the whale trail

This pair were photographed at slow shutter speed against the backdrop of a breaking wave.

Flight fantasy

A group of terns resting on the beach near Muizenberg were captured as they flew away into the wind.


I get one blossom per year from my cactus, so its a special treat to get a great image.

Snails at Paternoster

On a scrappy plot of ground in Paternoster there were hundreds of snails bunched on the vegeteation.

Cellar bottles

The famous cobwebs in the cellar at Delheim, Stellenbosch, provide a photographic challenge, given the bright background.

Super moon

The super moon (when the moon is closer than usual to earth) photographed over Roman Rock lighthouse. However the moon is replaced here with one from a total lunar eclipse, for greater effect.

Catch of the day

A “bossie” (small bunch) of panga linefish for sale at Kalk bay harbor.

Lily leaf

The final stages of life of a water lily leaf go through an array of colours. This composition was enhanced with grain.

Harvest time

The wheatfields of the overberg are inspiring. Two images combined.

Tidal pool colours

A group of giant anemones in a tidal pool at Diaz beach, photographed as the tide started trickling in.

Kayak concentration

While watching K1 time trials at Zandvlei, the sun had set, so I experimented with slow shutter speeds to get this effect.

Fish bone fantasy

During a shark research survey the pilchard bait used was regularly stripped of all flesh by hordes of small isopods and amphipods. One such skeleton provided the inspiration here.

South African memories

My favourite image from the soccer world cup. Two supporters celebrate Germany’s win at Cape Town stadium.

Forgotten harvest

An overlooked and over-ripe grape on a vine in De Doorns stood out against a sunlit backdrop of autumn vine leaves.

Snoek flek

Kalk bay harbor is always fun. This flekked (split open) snoek hanging from the roof and air-drying made an interesting subject.

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