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I enjoy documenting interesting and dramatic events such as fires, whale strandings, storms and suchlike. Here are a few of my favourites

Pouring water on stranded False killer whale, 2013

A false killer whale stranded on Noordhoek beach, gets splashed with seawater to keep it cool

Stranded False killer whale being splashed with water, 2013

A stranded false killer whale is splashed down by a helper on Noordhoek beach.

splashing a stranded false killer whale, 2013

Young lady helper splashes water on a stranded false killer whale to keep it cool.

Heavy machinery is needed to lift the stranded whale

Heavy machinery was necessary to lift the stranded whales onto trailers for transportation.

Helpers filling buckets next to a dead whale

Helpers maintained a constant stream of buckets to keep the stranded whales cool

Buckets of water being filled

Buckets of water being filled to keep the stranded whales cool

High lifting a whale onto the synchro lift

One of the stranded false killer whales is lifted by crane from a truck to the synchro lift

Waves splashing over tug

Waves crash over helpers and whales on the stern of the tugboat.

false killer whale being released after stranding

A false killer whale is released from a tugboat after stranding on Noordhoek beach earlier in the day

Team effort - releasing the last false killer whale

A false killer whale is released from a tugboat after stranding on Noordhoek beach earlier in the day

Sad sight- dead stranded false killer whales

Dead false killer whales; stranded on Noordhoek beach, 2013

Stranded false killer whales

A sad sight - heavy seas crash in the background as two dead stranded false killer whales lie on the sand

Stranded fishing boats

Two fishing boats washed up on the beach near Melkbos after one tried to assist the other and a rope fouled a propeller. 2008

Stranded fishing boats2

A monochrome rendition of 2 stranded fishing boats, showing the reflections.

Undignified removal-Humpback whale stranding

The city waste disposal unit remove a large humpback whale that washed up near Muizenberg early one morning.

Mind the tail- False killer whale stranding, 2009

A group of helpers try to guide a false killer whale, one of a mass-stranding at Kommetjie, back into the deep.

Sad moment- False killer whale stranding, 2009

This was one of many sad moments when it became apparent that all attempts to return the stranded false killer whales to the water were failing.

Firefighter at Masi 2

The firefighters do their best in these situations, battling low water pressure and crowded conditions.

Kalk Bay storm

Onlookers are in awe as storm waves smash into the restaurants at Kalk Bay; 2008

Kalk Bay-Shelter from the storm

Windswept foam and huge waves indicate the severity of the storm, yet the fishing boats in kalk Bay remain safe behind the harbor wall.

Look behind you-Kalk Bay storm wave

A crew member checks moorings while another large swell rears up in the background. Kalk Bay storm 2008.

Copper salvage

After a fire in Hout Bay’s Imizamu yethu, this mean looking dude was salvaging burnt copper electricity wires.

Firefighter at Masi 1

I am drawn to photographing firefighters in action. This was a huge fire in December 2010.

Roadkill rooivalk

I encountered this sad scene on the road near Britannia Bay.

Abalone poaching confiscation

Dried abalone, part of a huge poaching bust, are counted and sorted.

Down in 10 seconds. Demolition

The old Athlone cooling towers collapse one after the other in a controlled demolition.

Seli 1

This was taken soon after she ran aground. Little remains of her today, but the costs of the cleanup were borne by the ratepayers.

Damping down

Firemen damp down the remains of a grass fire near Westlake, Cape Town.

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