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This is an area that I would like, in time, to explore more. For the time being, here are a few images that I like, mainly from one Kruger Park trip in December 2012; but hopefully "watch this space" in the future...

Zebra abstract splash

The panicky behaviour of a herd of zebra at a waterhole lent itself to some creative framing. This image is my favourite from that sequence.

Zebra reflection

Spending time at a waterhole with a herd of zebra allows time to look for alternative images.

Buffalo and horns

Amid the chaos of a herd of resting buffalo, I was looking for this image of one isolated from the rest

Buffalo horns study

I enjoyed the sea of buffalo horns, and waited for this moment of eye contact

purple roller in the rain

I liked the look of this purple roller as he/she fluffed off the raindrops

Green backed heron

The graphic nature of this image really appealed to me, so I desaturated the background, and muted the colours of the bird for effect

Giraffe whisperer

These two boys were getting rather friendly, it seemed; here whispering who knows what?

Baboon posing in tree

I loved the style of this guy as well as the graphic image provided against a cloudy sky

Meeting the baby

Spending time with the troop on the mountain above Glencairn, this fleeting moment was gone in an instant.

Looking for trouble

This is an HDR blend of 3 exposures - very tricky with a moving target, but it captured the moment.

Elephant skin abstract

Caught in the midst of a herd of grazing ellies, I took time out to look for something different.

Hippo yawn

This one took me by surprise, and I had to rotate the camera mid-yawn to keep in frame.

Hairy lip

Driving past Addo, there was a herd close to the fence that allowed for foot-level and exciting close-range images.

Elephants at play

These two were having fun for quite a while, then suddenly left. Studying the pics later I could see that one had broken a tusk during their tussles!

Elephant tail wrinkles

A fun composition of wrinkles and tail and texture

Lion snarl

Or is it a yawn? This guy started a huge yawn but got distracted half-way by the camera shutter in rapid-fire mode...

Vultures on elephant carcass

During a guided walk we were fortunate to be led to this elephant carcass - the result of a fatal fight.

Young bushbuck

A fleeting moment in the morning light at Storms river mouth.

Protea beetle

This beauty was difficult to photograph as all it wanted was to burrow into the depths of the king protea.

Arum frog symmetry

Reducing this down to monochrome enhances the simplicity and appeal of this composition.

Dragon lizard

This very photogenic guy was photographed at butterfly world.

Backlit cicada nymph skin

I found a number of empty cicada skins clutching grass blades, and enjoyed the effect of the backlit sunlight (HDR)

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