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From my early years in the eastern cape province, fishing has always been in my blood.

Lobster fisherman

On a commercial boat off Cape Point, a lobster fisher casts a bunch of rope after the trap. The excess rope is tied up in a coil to reduce the chance of entanglement with whales.

Zanzibar netfishers

Walking along a beach on Zanzibar turned up these two artisanal fishers hoping for some luck. They landed a handful of small fish.

Yellowtail frenzy

A seething mass of yellowtail netted from Fish Hoek beach.

Landing the catch

A fisherman throws his roman catch ashore as the boat comes alongside in Kalk bay.

Teamwork launch

A group of traditional treknet fishers launch at Fish Hoek beach. High key image used to highlight the team effect.

Fish Hoek treknetters

The treknetters haul the catch of harders (mullet) into a pile before moving them off the beach.

Harders for Africa

A pile of harders (mullet) ready for transportation.

Look at the fish

Family and onlookers are enthralled by the mass of fish landed by the netters.

Fish for sale

A display of fish recently caught.

Kalk bay fisher

After a hard day at sea, a moment of contemplation before mooring the boat for the night.

Fresh fish delivery

Locals in Mozambique deliver a freshly caught fish to a restaurant.

Freshly landed yellowtail

A good catch of yellowtail being held in the water before being transported.

Lobster catch

A catch of spiny lobsters is brought aboard and will be emptied over a grid sorter that allows undersized animals to return directly to the sea via a chute.

A good catch

The boat is full to the brim. This is a sustainable, traditional fishery.

Nowhere to go

Freshly landed yellowtail.

Subsistence handline fisher

A fisher hoping for a catch on the Knysna lagoon.

Lobster fishers

Subsistence fishers bring their catch for the day ashore at Kommetjie.

No place to hide

Keen shark anglers take part in a tagging catch and release derby in Langebaan.

Pangane fisherman

Sun dried fish in the village of Pangane, Mozambique

Harders (mullet) trapped in a treknet

Harders (mullet), a popular staple of the western Cape, are mostly caught by treknetting.

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