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No guessing that as a marine biologist, this is a primary area of interest. I hope you enjoy this small selection...

Wandering albatross at home

On a trip to Marion Island this is the image I wanted – of a wandering albatross at home gliding the stormy southern ocean.

Dance of life- wandering albatross coutship dance

Greeting courtship dance of a pair of wandering albatross on Marion Island. An iconic moment.

Penguin patterns- a pair of king penguins

Two images superimposed. A well-spaced breeding colony of king penguins in the background - each out of pecking range of the other.

Nesting grey headed albatross

I was fortunate to (carefully) access a nesting colony of grey headed albatross for a few hours. This memory remains forever – the serenity and acceptance of the scene.

Dolphin racing the boat

A common dolphin doing what they enjoy- racing alongside the boat for a few seconds.

West coast terns

Granite boulders, kelp at low tide, and a flock of terns create a typical west coast scene.

Stranded humpback

A humpback whale stranded on the coast near Muizenberg makes for a sad yet majestic sight.

whale tail splash power

A humpback whale registers its annoyance at being targeted for a genetic biopsy.

Gull on bollard

A simple gem from Kalk bay harbour.

Wish I were a grownup

The downy brown feather of juvenile king penguins lend a comical appearance. This one is starting to moult to adult colours.

Albatross up close

A nesting grey headed albatross keeps a lazy eye on the photographer.

Eye contact

The colours and patterns of the king penguins make them irresistible photographic subjects.

Bright eyed couple

A pair of Crozet shags (cormorants) take a momentary break from a greeting ritual.

Going for a swim

A colony of king penguins photographed from a cliff top, with one heading off for a dip.

Red gold-west coast rock lobster

A commercial catch of west coast rock lobster, locally called “kreef”.

Penguins at boulders

Morning view of a group of african penguins preparing to head out for a day’s fishing.

Penguin parade

One of my favourite Boulders shots – a late evening returning trio of african penguins at Boulders.

I wish I could fly

The contrast between the comical shuffle of the penguin and the fly-past of cormorants caught my eye.

Back from fishing

A returning penguin pops out onto the rocks after a day at sea.

Buoy barnacle

The rare arrival of thousands of buoy barnacles to our coastline caused quite a stir among regular beach-goers.

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